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Te Akonga o Whenuakite - The Whenuakite Learner

At Whenuakite School we celebrate te Akonga o Whenuakite - the Whenuakite learner. We celebrate the individualism and uniqueness each child brings and contributes to Te Kura o Whenuakite - Whenuakite School. Our aim is that each Learner will graduate with an understanding of, as well as illustrating that they are K.I.T.E Kids. Kids who are Kind, Innovative, Trustworthy and Enthusiastic; all Values which were clearly evident when surveying our parents and students.

A core component of whenuakite is to gain understanding our akonga/learner and developing learning which suits them, rather than making them fit the learning. 

To achieve our goal, there are many facets which contribute to the development of each and every child. Firstly, it is paramount that we cater to the needs, whether educational, social, emotional or behavioural of each and every child. We view each child as having huge potential, of which we must tap into. A component of this is building understanding, caring and supporting all children, from all the staff, the children and community.

Here is a link to a slideshow which encapsulates our view of what we wish to achieve, and the important factors to achieve this.

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