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Cooks Beach Summer Gala

Welcome to Whenuakite School's Cooks Beach Summer Gala.


This website is for information relating to the Whenuakite School annual fundraiser - the Cooks Beach Summer Gala. It is held on the 4th of January every year.

The Cooks Beach Summer Gala raises funds for Whenuakite School and is held at the Central Reserve, Cooks Beach on 4th January (every year) from 9 am to 2 pm. 

All proceeds to Whenuakite School will be targeted towards literacy and numeracy resources, building or classroom upgrades, teacher aides, new playground equipment, visiting shows, camps, trips and IT development.


Many thanks to all the parents involved throughout the year and on the day of the gala, and also to our sponsors, who help make it all happen.


Please refer to our pages for information on the gala, and email us for more information.


Thank you


Whenuakite School Fundraising Team

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