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The Team at Whenuakite School

Our Team




learning support


Deputy Principal / Room 7

Nicola Riedinger (Yrs NE/1)

Senior Syndicate Leader - Room 6

Shona Thompson  (Yrs 5/6)

Room 1

Jennifer Spyve (Yrs 1/2)

Room 2

Lucy Pavitt (Yrs 2/3)

Room 3

Cara Till (Yrs 3 /4)

Room 4

Chris Bailey (Yrs 7/8)

Room 5

Leigh Pearce (Yrs 6/7)

Learning Support

Jo Lloyd

Librarian / Learning Support

Julia Rhodes

Learning Support

Karin Nixon

Learning Support

Sue Brannigan


Mathew Barnes

Office Manager

Admin and property

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