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Whenuakite School is a rural school with a rich history, excellent learning outcomes, a supportive community and phenomenal learners. We are proud of each and every child and foster the uniqueness each brings to our school. 


We utilise the local environment to build relationships and develop the whole child, educationally, socially and emotionally. When a Whenuakite Learner graduates in Year 8, they will be Kind, Innovative, Trustworthy and Enthusiastic participants to society.


It is the belief at Whenuakite School that each and every child has 'spark' and that we just need to ignite it; to encourage passionate, eager and self-regulated learners. It is our job to put each child on a pedestal where they are challenged, yet confident to learn. 


Being located in a rural backdrop, with streams, oceans, and forests around; we make the most of the natural resources. The children experience a vast array of learning in, and out of the class. 

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