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At Whenuakutie School, we work closely with the local pre-schools to develop strategies specially designed for pre-schoolers to ease their transition into Whenuakite School. Students from Country Kids visit Room 1 regularly to help them to learn classroom programmes, get to know students and teachers and become familiar with the routines of "school".

When the day is creeping closer, that your child will start, we have specific transition days. These are held from 9:00 - 10:40 am on Friday's, two weeks prior to your child's start. This can be flexible as per the needs of your child. During this time there will be a chance to have a cup of tea with the principal, as well as observe teaching and learning in action. We ask for any information about your child to allow us to know and understand their needs. On these transition days, you accompany your child in the class and support them. The pre-visit are generarlly not a time for other preschoolers to accomapany their sibling in these visits.

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Getting to know our newest learners....

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